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Conservation Partners

We support the following conservation organizations working in the field to save wild cat species. They are all small, grass-roots organizations. We work with them on a personal level, by using our ambassador cats at their fundraising events and by making financial donations to their projects. 100% of any donation made to WCE&CF can be designated to a specific organization. WCE&CF does not take any expenses out of the donations.

Cheetah Conservation Fund logo CHEETAH CONSERVATION FUND
The Cheetah Conservation Fund mission is to be an internationally recognized centre of excellence in research and education on cheetahs and their eco-systems, working with all stakeholders to achieve best practice in conservation and management of the world’s cheetahs.
Cheetah Conservation Botswana logo CHEETAH CONSERVATION BOTSWANA
CCB aims to preserve the nation's cheetah population through scientific research, community outreach and education, working with rural communities to promote coexistence with Botswana's rich diversity of predator species.
Snow Leopard Conservancy logo SNOW LEOPARD CONSERVANCY
The Snow Leopard Conservancy promotes community-based stewardship of the endangered snow leopard, its prey and habitat.
Mountain Lion Foundation logo MOUNTAIN LION FOUNDATION
The Mountain Lion Foundation is a nonprofit conservation and education organization dedicated to protecting the mountain lion and their wild habitat to ensure that our wildlife heritage endures for future generations.

The Foundation is dedicated to the proposition that much can be done to preserve the cougar as a viable species (via habitat conservation, research, livestock protection, management, and education) and that the success of this effort can assure the survival of other species.
Small Cat Conservation Alliance  logo SMALL CAT CONSERVATION ALLIANCE
The mission of Small Cat Conservation Alliance is to ensure the survival of small wild cats and their natural habitats worldwide by identifying and then mitigating threats to their existence.
Cheetah Outreach logo

Cheetah Outreach promotes the survival of the free ranging South African cheetah, through environmental education and partnering conservation initiatives.