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Just For Kids

letter from a student who raised money for WCE&CF with a bake sale Things kids can do to help save wild cats:

Children frequently ask us how they can help save wild cats. Students of all ages have come up with very creative ways of raising money to donate to their favorite wild cat organization.
Some of these are:
* have a bake sale
* sell lemonade
* collect aluminum cans
* wash cars
* babysit
* collect spare change found in seat cushions, etc.
* for your birthday party, ask your guests for a donation to a specific wild cat organization instead of bringing a gift.

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Some of our Wonderful 'Thank You' Letters from Students
letter from a student letter from a student letter from a student

photo of mural painted by Ellis Elementary School students

The students at Ellis Elementary School in Sunnyvale were very impressed with Ashakiran, one of our snow leopards. After learning about the plight of the snow leopard at their school assembly, they decided they wanted to do something to help save snow leopards in the wild.

Students painted this beautiful mural on the wall of one of the school’s buildings and raised a large amount of money to donate to the Snow Leopard Conservancy.

photo of Alden and mom preparing for bake sale

Hi Barbara and Rob,

Thank you again for allowing us to have our bake sale at your Wild Cat Adventure presentation yesterday. You were so sweet and encouraging. We sure sold a lot of goodies and managed to raise $160! Alden has raised $291 for the Cheetah Conservation Fund so far and still has 2 bake sales to go. Folks have been incredibly supportive. He has been toting his new Andean Mountain cat around (what a kind gift) and decided that if he exceeds his $350 goal for the cheetahs he'd like to donate to the Andean Mountain cat as well. Will you let us know where we should send a donation for the little cat?

Thanks so much.
Trishia Davis for Alden Graham