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Our School Programs

photo of school children at a WCE&CF presentation Our live wild cat educational programs are perfect for schools, scouts, day camps, park and recreation departments, church groups, businesses and seniors.

Our goal is to expand learning opportunities about wild cats and increase awareness of the impact of human behavior on the habitat and survival of the 36 wild cat species.

We bring four cats, selected from our ambassadors, to your site. The audience might see a cheetah, cougar, lynx, leopard, serval, ocelot or caracal. Our presentation shows each cat out of its carrier and in front of the audience as information about the catís habits, habitats and survival issues are shared with the audience. While not a circus act, natural behaviors like climbing, leaping and hunting are demonstrated. The presentation is adapted to the age level of the audience.

We provide a comprehensive packet of curriculum materials to leverage the impact of the program and provide teachers with a ready resource for many fun and informative classroom activities. Detailed instructional materials add depth to the information presented in the live program. Follow up classroom discussion about the catsí habitats, wildlife conservation and how our personal choices can affect the survival of species further reinforces the information presented during the assembly. Word puzzles, games, art projects and even a play add fun to the lessons. Information about the wild cat conservation groups we support is also included in the curriculum packet. We encourage students, their parents and teachers to contribute to these efforts and even "adopt" a wild cat of their own (not bring it home, but support it in the wild).

Our outreach ambassador cats have been visiting schools since 1993. Rob and Barbara Dicely personally lead all educational programs. As educators with over 25 years of experience, they can lead discussions targeted to the age level and learning needs of the particular audience. Their great familiarity with all of the cats increases the knowledge transferred to the students and insures safety for all.

WCE&CF is licensed with USDA and California Fish and Game and is fully insured. Copies of our safety protocols, insurance information and facility requirements are available upon request.