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About The Wild Cat Education and Conservation Fund

Photo of Chimane, our ambassador ocelot

We began our conservation efforts in 1993 by developing an outreach education program with our ambassador cats. We average over 100 presentations per year, visiting schools, libraries, scout groups, park and recreation centers and private venues. To date, over 600,000 people have participated in our educational outreach programs.

During this time, our ambassador cats participated in many fund-raising events for conservation and non-profit organizations. However, we observed a growing need for more wild cat conservation fund-raising, especially for overseas groups that do not have US non-profit status. We started the Wild Cat Education and Conservation Fund to link education and fund-raising under one entity. The WCE&CF received its non-profit status as a 501(c)3 corporation in 2001 (EIN# 68-0481714).

Photo of Kamau, our cheetah, chasing a toy We currently support small, grass-roots organizations that work directly in the field to conserve wild cat species. Donations made to WCE&CF can be designated to a specific conservation partner or to our general fund. We transfer 100% of any designated donation directly to the chosen conservation project. This guarantees the maximum benefit to the species. General donations to the Fund go towards supporting the care of our ambassador cats, subsidizing education programs and funding our conservation partners.

With your help, we will continue to insure that these magnificent cats live on in the wild, not just in zoos, on tv, or on computers.

Our Mission Statement

The goal of the Wild Cat Education and Conservation Fund is to educate the public about the decreasing population of wild cat species around the world, provide funding for worldwide wild cat conservation projects, and offer safe refuge for captive wild cats.

Meet Our Board

All of our board members are volunteers. WCE&CF has no salaried positions.

Photo of Barbara Dicely Photo of Steve Flaherty Photo of Jan Warz
Barbara Dicely
Founder, Executive Director
Steve Flaherty
Jan Warz

Photo of Charlie Sammut Photo of Jeff O'Brien Photo of Christine Llewellyn with 2 cheetahs Photo of Rob Dicely with Kamau
Charlie Sammut Jeff O'Brien Christine Llewellyn Rob Dicely

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