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Christine Llewellyn, One Of Our Board Members

Photo of Christine Llewellyn with 2 cheetahs

Chris met Barbara and Rob Dicely during her senior year in high school, about 18 years ago, through a mutual friend in the animal business. Barbara invited her to their compound to see and play with some serval and caracal kittens. Chris was hooked at the first sight of those little fuzz balls of energy and asked what she could do to help out. Through the years she helped clean enclosures, feed the cats, wash food bowls (lots and lots of food bowls) and the toughest job of all, playing with the kittens to socialize and train them. She also helped with outreach programs, fund raising events, the upkeep of the compound and taking care of the place when Barbara and Rob were out of town.

Chris gained most of her animal experience working at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for 16 years. She began in the education department and after a year transferred to the Wildlife Theater department. She started as an apprentice trainer and worked her way up to Wildlife Theater Supervisor. At Wildlife Theater she did a variety of things, including animal husbandry, enrichment, medical procedures, educational shows, and outreach programs. She also handled and trained animals, and managed and taught the staff. Her position at Wildlife Theater provided her the opportunity to work with a wide variety of animals: cats, bats, porcupines, tamanduas, coatis, kinkajou, to name a few. Although Chris loves working with all animals, she has a special place in her heart for cats, especially cougars and caracals.

In 2003, she was invited to become a board member of the Wild Cat Education and Conservation Fund and gladly accepted the position. Being a board member is yet another way she can help support the efforts to save wild cats around the world.